"Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting" is a comprehensive course for doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners and dermal clinicians wishing to further their knowledge in the evolving fields of Nutritional and longevity Medicine.

Why this course?

  • An essential adjunct service in any setting
  • Become an industry expert
  • High patient satisfaction and retention
  • Latest research in one course
  • Create a passive income

Nutrient therapies are an essential adjunct to aesthetic treatments.

Lifestyle-related chronic conditions often present with aesthetic signs and symptoms. Fortunately, the gut-skin axis and gut-brain-skin axis are well defined in the scientific literature and these connections present an opportunity for improving outcomes in aesthetic patients.

Research is identifying the mechanisms through which nutritional compounds exert therapeutic effects on the body. This understanding has fuelled an interest that is filtering through to every field of medicine and nutrient therapies are fast becoming an essential adjunct in any clinical setting.

“Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting” explores the ground-breaking science into longevity, epigenetics, personalised nutrition, and precision medicine, and presents the evidence for nutritional interventions to support the underlying mechanisms responsible for health and longevity. This forms the basis for the role of nutrients in managing inflammageing and aesthetic presentations.

This course provides the practitioner with a framework for the safe implementation of evidence-based oral and injectable nutrient therapies as an adjunct to their services, giving them the advantage of offering a holistic and modern approach to patient management.

 “Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting” is an 8-part course, with over 10 hours of content and is an absolute must for aesthetics practitioners.  

The Gut-Skin Connection

✓ The Gut-Skin Axis; how the gut microbiome maintains skin homeostasis.

✓ The link between dysbiosis and aesthetic presentations, such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, alopecia, and skin ageing.

✓ Why it’s important to reduce inflammation and regulate immune function in aesthetic patients.

✓ Regulating the gut-skin connection to improve aesthetic outcomes

The Gut-Brain Connection

✓ The gut-brain-skin axis and dermatological manifestations.

✓ The gut-brain axis and its role in regulating mood, appetite, stress response, behaviour, addictions, and habit formation.

✓ The connectome and neuroplasticity.

✓ The varied consequences of neuroinflammation.

✓ Regulating gut-brain signals to optimise aesthetic outcomes

Weight Management

✓ The internal and external factors that influence our body weight

✓ The role of the microbiome in glycaemic control, hormonal balance, weight gain, obesity, and lipedema.

✓ How the body burns fat and why resistance to fat loss develops, with a focus on lipedema and hormonal states.

✓ Personalised nutrition and precision medicine; biological trackers and tests.

✓ Nutritional interventions for weight loss and long-term success

Aesthetics in Perimenopause

✓ How the gut microbiome or estrobolome regulates estrogen levels.

✓ The cellular processes affected by estrogen decline.

✓ Why estrogen deficiency is state of inflammation, accelerated ageing and physiological decline.

✓ The aesthetic presentations of perimenopause

✓ The case for adjunct nutritional management of perimenopausal aesthetic presentations

Health & Longevity

✓ The key physiological processes essential for health and longevity.

✓ Epigenetic reprogramming; the interplay between nutrients, genes, and physiology.

✓ Microbial regulation of gut and immune health, mitochondrial function, metabolism, detoxification pathways, neuroendocrine signalling, and brain function.

✓ Role of mitochondria in cellular homeostasis, autophagy and age-reversal.

✓ Hallmarks of Ageing, inflammageing and accelerated ageing

✓ The consequences of food and nutraceutical toxins and how to support the mechanisms of toxin elimination.

Practical Framework

✓ What to look for when choosing supplements; food-grade versus complementary medicines.

✓ Genetic polymorphisms and their effect on nutrient processing and availability.

✓ The evidence for and against injectable nutrient therapies and how to safely implement those that may benefit patients in the aesthetic setting.

✓ The clinical application of evidence-based nutritional interventions to support the key physiological processes essential for health and longevity, focusing on improving aesthetic outcomes and increasing health span.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • On-demand access to all modules for 6 months. 
  • Slides for each module.
  • Training and support to help you create an online passive income using nutrient therapies and streamlined nutritional programs.*

*This is offered through Bio-Alai® on account set up.

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About Dr Agnieszka Warchalowski

Dr Agnes began her practice specialising in cosmetic injectables with the aim to achieve a fresher look while maintaining natural proportions and appearance. As a trainer for Merz Aesthetics Australia and Grayclay College, she encourages a patient-centred approach and conservative treatment to avoid the ever-growing problem of over-filled and distorted faces.

Very early on in her practice, Dr Agnes added nutritional medicine to her services. She wanted a comprehensive approach to support the foundations of cellular repair and regeneration and optimise the underlying physiological processes responsible for health and longevity. Her personalised plans were based on research in the fields of personalised nutrition, precision medicine, epigenetic reprogramming, and longevity medicine, with a focus on reversing inflammation, inflammaging and its many consequences, including aesthetic presentations such as obesity, lipedema, skin ageing and other dermatological manifestations.

Dr Agnes has presented widely on nutritional interventions for the prevention and management of inflammatory conditions that present with aesthetic signs and symptoms. She believes that nutrient therapies are an essential adjunct treatment modality in the aesthetic medicine. Seeing a gap in the industry, Dr Agnes spent several years developing and tweaking the nutrient formulation and personalised nutritional plans that are now offered to clinics to simplify the process of optimising health and improving aesthetic outcomes.

In addition, her many years of clinical experience, combined with current and emerging research, are also incorporated into her course for aesthetic practitioners, “Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting”. The course provides a framework for the safe and appropriate implementation of evidence-based nutritional interventions.